Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

Keyi Sahib Training College is striving towards excellence with a vision- “unleashing the forces within” as we all believe that every individual is a treasure house of immense potentialities. The faculty strives to bring out all the potentialities hidden inside the prospective teachers by providing a vibrant learning environment which is uniquely anchored in the teaching profession. The campus forces every student-teacher to understand what true creativity in teaching is: a fragrance of freedom that blends together both feeling and action into an awareness that translates into a uniquely individual creative teaching expression.

Mission & Objectives

The College feels that the present increasingly interconnected and interdependent global society requires a new brand of bold teachers who are more enabled and more inspired and more innovative in teaching and learning. They must be able to prepare and deliver lessons and can create and organize their own multimedia files, take notes, collaborate with other students and share files with students and teachers. Therefore, the mission of the college is to mold innovative teachers for global arena, who will be both locally and globally fit for the noble profession of teaching. The college recognizes that the ability to compete globally entails the acquisition of extensive knowledge and skills–need high-level thinking and communication skills that enhance creativity and innovation.

Thus, the college is focussed towards empowering the students to grow as strong individuals and enabling them to make an indelible mark in the global arena. Using the context, concerns and vision of National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education ( NCFTE 2010) as its base, the college’s distinctive academic programmes and innovative teaching methodologies are aimed at encouraging the prospective teachers to instil confidence in them, develop critical thinking and learn through enquiry and reason, exchange thoughts and ideas, develop personal and social values and set goals to realize their own potential.

Contribution in the field of Education

Most of the faculty members were the chairpersons of the subcommittees of the Revised Two Year B.Ed curriculum and many are the members of the Board of Studies and Faculty of Education in the Kannur University and other academic institutions. Most of the faculty members are also in the panel of question paper setters of various universities.